Testing Standard CertificateService Providers for Customs Clearance
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  • Nigeria SONCAP Certification

  • Saudi Saber Certificate

  • Morocco COC Certificate

  • Tanzania COC Certificate

  • Algeria COC Certificate

  • Egypt COC Certificate

  • Côte d’Ivoire COC Certificate

  • Kuwait TIR Certificate

  • Kenya COC Certificate

  • Saudi IECEE Certificate

  • Saudi SABER Certificate
  • Federal Communications Commission, FCC-ID Certificate
  • German, NB 0700 PHOENIX RED certificate
  • Korea Certififcation Radio Research Agency, RRA Certificate
  • Japanese MIC, Telecom Certificate
  • IECEE-CB Certificate
  • Standards Association of Australian, SAA Certificate

Shenzhen Testing Standard Certificate Technology Service Co.,Ltd strictly sets up and runs in accordance with international standards ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We dedicate to provide customers with global destination port customs clearance service, product certification testing, research and development of product standards, quality management consulting, E-commerce quality inspection and other services. Our company is a professional, international industrial and consumer electronics third-party testing, inspection and verification services, the core technology team members from global certification testing organizations. We make every effort to provide customers with global customs clearance technical services at the port of destination, eliminate trade barriers, and promote customers' products to seize the domestic and foreign markets and sell goods all over the world.

Positioning:a global customs clearance service provider driven by technical services

Goal:to be the top technical service provider of customs clearance at the port of destination


Communicate with the company to clarify the test certification requirements and fill in the application form


Confirm the quotation and cycle time, make test and certification plan to pay


Provide technical documentation for test samples to be reviewed by experts

04.Carry Out Testing

Pass the rectification test of nonconformity in product type test


Technical documents shall be submitted to EU for approval of TCF documents for certification


Summarize the follow-up service instructions for each project and follow up the annual follow-up service